Your Sophisticated Energy Consultant

With a focus on market intelligence and supplemental energy offerings that support a smart, forward-looking energy management strategy, Premier Power Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of energy consulting services to its clients:


Procurement & Risk Management

Energy procurement is one cornerstone of any organization’s energy management plan. Procuring energy effectively is becoming more complex as new laws are issued and new energy sources come in to play. Entities can now economically purchase, traditional grid power, certified “carbon free” power, or power from a variety of renewable energy alternatives.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to effective facility energy cost management, you should look at both sides of the coin – how you purchase energy and how you use energy. Premier Power Solutions can evaluate your energy usage and operations, and recommend strategies to help you achieve savings through energy reduction and benchmarking.

Energy Planning

In a time when competition is high and margins are squeezed, business owners and facility managers need to rethink operations to maximize efficiencies and keep budgets in check. With technology, analysis, and innovation working hand-in-hand, we develop customized energy and sustainability plans to meet your business objectives.

Utility Bill Review

It is not uncommon to have incorrect sales tax or supplier pass-through charges on your utility bills, or be assigned an incorrect rate code from your utility – and any one of these could be costing your company thousands of dollars each year.

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