The 2021 Virtual Brown Bag Celebration featured speakers and educational presentations which span multiple industry topics: government relations, operations, human resources, and even humor and entertainment. We encourage you to view these virtual sessions as and share them with your team and colleagues.

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Join us for updates, informative and entertaining presentations, updates and discussion on topics important to our members and our industry! Access to Speaker Presentations is by password only – provided with your virtual ticket!






Jon Husted

Lt. Governor, Ohio

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KEYNOTE: The State of Our State

In his Keynote Address to our members, Lt. Governor Jon Husted will open the Brown Bag Celebration with an update and overview of the current state of our state. Join him as he reviews statewide legislative efforts and ongoing initiatives from the Governor's Office.


John Matthews

President, Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc.

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Local Store Marketing for Retail

Local Store Marketing (LSM) is a must for every retailer large or small who wants to fully capitalize on the sales potential of their all-important 3-Mile trade radius.

This presentation introduces 22 proven LSM strategies – along with an optional 80-page, local store marketing manual for retailers, and tells you how to tap into the power of local store marketing.This 60-minute local store marketing presentation provides practical and actionable marketing ideas for the single-store operator to the multi-unit chain.


Scott Warrick, Esq.

Scott Warrick HR Consulting

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Tolerance & Diversity for White Guys & Other Human Beings

With more than 40 years of hands-on experience as a law attorney and human resource professional, Scott Warrick will provide us with great insights and information during this informative session. Taken from his accredited program, Scott will review the five skills of tolerance and detail how learning and mastering them can be critical for an organization to thrive as well as its employees and leaders.


John Ross

President, IGA

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A Conversation About Pandemic Lessons from China

In his lunchtime Q&A, John Ross will review recent reports from IGA China (headquartered in Wuhan) about health and safety information, pandemic response and how the Coronavirus has impacted the world as well as the industry. He will share some of the experiences and recommendations from their China counterparts regarding how they navigated the pandemic about three months ahead of the U.S.


Phil Sorentino

President, Humor Consultants, Inc.

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Work Smart, Have Fun & Make Money - Being Strong During Challenging Times

Phil Sorentino, CSP and Co-Founder of Humor Consultants, Inc. will present a system that will teach you the why to’s and the how to’s that will position you for success and enjoyment. Work Smart: Phil will show you six ways to motivate yourself and four ways to help others motivate themselves. Have Fun: Enjoy a Servant’s Attitude. Today, we must position ourselves to be different by enjoying the process of taking care of yourself and the people we touch. Make Money (Customer Satisfaction – Customer Service): These concepts are the basics. Phil will present the four key factors in creating Customer Loyalty based on research from the Gallup Organization.